The semiotic standard for Friendship.



Semiotics the study of signs and symbols. It differs from linguistics in that it includes the study of non-linguistic sign systems.

The Nostromo Files has gotten the attention of many people from across the globe.  It seemed fitting to design a meaningful symbol that could be read by anyone, regardless of their native language.

The 22nd Century Weyland-Yutani company prides itself for “Building Better Worlds”.  The sign that I designed is more about “Building Friendships Through Our Enjoyment of the Nostromo and ALIEN.”

More long-winded than the Company’s slogan, I admit, but that’s okay I think.

Here, today, I introduce to you the “Friendship” icon, a sign that you are welcome here.


The Nostromo Files’ “Friendship” symbol, inspired by Ron Cobb’s work. Included below it is an excerpt from Cobb’s explanation for the colors used in the symbol.





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