“I found it!” (Or, Do navigators use ‘cheat sheets’..?)


I think I might have just caught Lambert using ”cheat sheets’  to locate the Nostromo!

The next time you are watching ALIEN, pay close attention and you will see her consulting her notes as the bridge crew are waking up and Lambert is trying to figure out where they are. Here is the dialogue immediately before we see it:


        I found it. Just short of
        Zeta 2 Reticuli. We haven't
        reached the Outer Rim yet.

        That's hard to believe.

        What in the hell are we doing out


See the notepad to screen right?


Just about the time Lambert asks, “What in the hell are we doing out here?”, you’ll see a hand moving a piece of notepaper to the right of the monitor.


Notice the fingertips near the pages? It happens in a flash when the movie is running…


I have isolated the moment In this clip from ALIEN, the Director’s Cut (2003).



The editing of the film in this sequence mixes footage of the workstations, so it is a little hard to pin down which one belongs to which character. For example, the first workstation we cut to when Lambert starts looking for Earth has a different set dressing and there is no notepaper near it.

But this workstation works for me as I like to see it: Lambert is under the gun to find Earth so she can look competent in Kane’s eyes…and perhaps to shut up Ripley’s ‘know-it-all” mouth!

It also provides some context for later, after they (crash)land. Ash is scanning the planetoid while Lambert smokes a Balaji Imperial, and I can’t help but wonder if she is thinking, “Boy, there sure aren’t any cheat sheets for this one!”


Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!


Of course, this is all in jest, but all the detail in these sets make it fun to dissect this movie!


(If you have a copy of the 2003 Director’s Cut DVD edition of Alien, you’ll find it around the 10:00 minute mark.)



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