‘The Long Haul,’ in LEGO.

UPDATE: 2018-01-25. ‘The Long Haul,’ in LEGO.

I received a question about the underside of the Grantmasters LEGO Refinery and received a response from him about it:

The bulbous parts for the underside of the refinery were 4×4 gray circular dome plates originally but I have long since used them in other projects unfortunately. They didn’t match the profile of the refinery exactly but it was close enough for the scale. Currently the underside doesn’t have much left in the way of detail/ greeble etc as I needed to re-use those pieces too. It still looks good from the top though.

The Nostromo Files


I’m not quite sure what got my attention first: the subject of the photo, or its title.

Grantmasters’ micro build entitled, “The Long Haul”,  Click the photo to visit the Flickr Photostream.

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