“The better to see you with, my dear.”



At one point in time, the Alien had large black eyes. The creature described in Alan Dean Foster’s novelization had large eyes. Even this version of the chestburster, seen here with its creator, Roger Dicken (l), and Ridley Scott (r), had eyes…


An early version of the chestburster. Its eyes were similar to those seen in the creatures of H. R. Giger’s paintings that defined the Big Chap. 



Ironically, the Big Chap’s eyes were replaced by the semi-transparent cranium seen in the film. The eyes were deemed to look too much like the goggles worn by a motorcyclist.

We normally use eye contact to connect with others on an emotional level. Eyes are considered the windows to the soul, so it would seem impossible to connect with a being without eyes.

In the end, an eyeless monster seems all the more terrifying, and in this instance, demonstrably so.




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