Les Dilley’s website: ALIEN


According to his curriculum vitae, Les Dilley began art directing in 1973, just a handful of years before the filming of ALIEN.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking he was a newcomer! He had been working at EMI’s Elstree studios in the art department since 1966.

His work on Star Wars (1977) made 1978 a busy year for Dilley: he was given the Saturn Award for Outstanding Art Direction from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA; and an Academy Award for Best Art Direction – Set Decoration.

Two years later, his creative work won him the Oscar in 1980 for ALIEN.

He went on from there to win it again in 1981 for The Empire Strikes Back, in 1982 for Raiders of the Lost Ark, and in 1990 for The Abyss. In the past 29 years, he has worked on 26 film and television projects.

Dilley’s artistry and experience have brought hours of outstanding visual entertainment to the world of cinema. Take a moment to read about the man and his work, won’t you?

You can read more about Dilley at his website, starting with his page on ALIEN:


Screenshot of Les Dilley’s professional website.




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