Andyrowlands62’s Nostromo Interior Models at the RPF.



Yet another creative ALIEN fan has put his hand to the sets of the Nostromo.

Here’s what Andyrowlands62 has to say about his work:

[…] about 30 years ago I scratch-built models of some of the interior sets of the Nostromo from the original Alien movie. As VHS pausing technology was pretty awful in the early 80s, I was only able to construct the basic passageways & compartments, much of the detailing had to be left until video pausing technology had improved, and the final details were added with the advent of DVDs allowing stable paused images.

These models are not built to any particular scale, the passageways are about four inches high. I tried to replicate the lighting levels of the movie, and as such many of the pics are by necessity quite dark, so the best time to view them will be after sunset, when ambient light levels are lower.


Here’s a screenshot of the webpage to give you some idea of what you’re in for:


Andyrowlands62’s Nostromo interior models


You can see the photos he posted at the RPF thread.

via Alien Nostromo interior models



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