Cleaning out the archives.


BO-TH-ER green master image
The mighty BO-TH-ER 1000 computer system housing The Nostromo Files at the Weyland-Yutani Special Archives Section, located in Louisiana-United Americas.


Having finished up the Nostromo essay series this past fall, I promised myself I would let the blog go for a while and get back to work on content for the Overmonitoring Address Matrix. However, due to the amount of Nostromo-interest links I have accrued over the past two years, I may have to renege on that promise, or at least modify it.

Sadly, some of the material I have saved to share with you has already disappeared from the internet! If I spaced it out over the original bi-weekly schedule I planned, it would take about 12 years!

I will be posting this material on a weekly basis and you will notice a very abbreviated format. To further set it apart, I have created a new post heading, called “NETWORK SN2R AUTOPOST”. It will look something like this (without the green rule around it):



This header will replace “INTERFACE 2037 READY FOR INQUIRY,” which I will reserve for my longer writings. I will be utilizing BO-TH-ER 1000, the A. I. we use for The Nostromo Files website, to make these posts for me.

The new posts and heading will start very soon. I hope you find among them something new to learn about, or a reminder of a favorite bit of trivia you may have forgotten!



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