‘The Long Haul,’ in LEGO.


I’m not quite sure what got my attention first: the subject of the photo, or its title.


Grantmasters’ micro build entitled, “The Long Haul”,  Click the photo to visit the Flickr Photostream.


There have been many scratchbuilds of the Nostromo/Refinery complex, but this is the first I have seen done in that most wonderful of plastic construction toys, LEGO.


This is what I remember when I think of Lego.  They have certainly come a long way since the 70s.


Grantmasters, the builder, notes on his Flickr Photostream that he put together his Nostromo and refinery in a week’s worth of effort, using the movie and the Replica Prop Forum for inspiration.

I built a few Nostromos in the 80s, using only VHS and memory for a guide, but back then, they had nowhere near the detailed parts from which to choose, and your end result was usually multi-colored since you used the specific brick regardless of its color.


Typical fare from which to choose for my LEGO creations…



Considering the scale at which he was working, Grantmasters got the Nostromo and refinery right.  The multi-towered monstrosity of the (mile-long) ore-processing platform dwarfs the (1,000-foot) commercial towing vehicle pulling it back to Earth.

Building this LEGO recreation of the ship at this scale is an artful job and worth a share with you, as are his words about the project:

As you can tell from my Photostream, I’m a huge fan of Giger’s art and Sci-fi films.  As a kid I wanted to get into set building for movies, but that industry didn’t really exist in New Zealand back then.

About four years ago, I started mucking around with my kid’s LEGO sets and gradually spent more and more time trying to recreate some of my favorite models from movies and comics I loved.

LEGO make a massive variety of unique pieces these days. However, this particular model doesn’t actually use that many rare or even hard to find pieces.  It’s more about how the pieces are arranged and the quantities used, I think.  I tried to approach this model in a similar way to how the actual model might have been – using parts from other models and sticking them on to create a greebled look.

I think the hardest part about this build was actually finding enough reference images.  The RPF was most helpful in this regard, such a good resource for fans.

For me, the best things about building with LEGO are that it’s cheap (compared to silicone, resin, fibreglass etc) re-usable, has no odour, takes up little space and is easy to work with. Lot’s of reasons to get some old sets and maybe try a build for yourself.  You might find that you catch the building bug 😉




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  1. Reblogged this on The Nostromo Files and commented:

    UPDATE: 2018-01-25. ‘The Long Haul,’ in LEGO.

    I received a question about the underside of the Grantmasters LEGO Refinery and received a response from him about it:

    The bulbous parts for the underside of the refinery were 4×4 gray circular dome plates originally but I have long since used them in other projects unfortunately. They didn’t match the profile of the refinery exactly but it was close enough for the scale. Currently the underside doesn’t have much left in the way of detail/ greeble etc as I needed to re-use those pieces too. It still looks good from the top though.



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