“A passion project […] for the love of the ALIEN franchise.”


There are not many Alien-related short videos that can capture the flavor of the original movie, but this one is an exception.

x5 Cinema has put together this reel from borrowed bits and pieces. It combines my two favorites: Alien, and Alien: Isolation.

While I have played through Alien: Isolation on several levels, the DLCs remain unfamiliar territory. I have played Crew Expendable only a couple of times before the terror overtakes me and I have to give it a rest. Having said that, I am not 100 percent sure how much of the footage of the alien in this reel is from the game and how much comes from original efforts. Regardless, the creature is represented quite well. (Max Headshot is credited with ‘Alien’ effects.)

I found the editing choices kept me firmly engaged in the story, which hit the high-notes of the narrative with surprising bits of footage. Especially surprising was the level of tension and dread — reminiscent of Alien and not ‘Isolation’ — that ran throughout.

Wise choices from the soundtrack and audio effects added an extra dimension that made me feel oddly at home in the spook-house monster-lair known more popularly as the USCSS Nostromo.

The sequence with Dallas in the vents was tense and well-edited. The alien moved with a balletic fluidity in character with its creators’ original vision.

The standout sequence for me — the one that really brought back decades-old memories of my first viewing of the film — was when we, as the audience, realize that Ripley is the last person alive on the Nostromo. That realization, evoked by x5 Cinema’s deft editing of the production elements, gave me goose bumps.

(Great job, x5 Cinema!)

I also found very convincing the scenes that depicted the Alien on the hunt. We didn’t get to see this in the movie, but it is just as I imagined it might be…




And lastly: I loved the skull!

The title of this post in borrowed from the video’s notes and gives a great context in which to view the film.  You could find worst ways to spend 35 minutes, so why not hop on over to the link below and have a look?

(I think you’ll like it…)

I hope to hear from x5 Cinema and to see more in this vein.

And a tip of the hat to Alicia May Eckford, admin of the Alien Isolation Obsessive Disorder Facebook group, for sharing this choice bit of fan work.  (It is nice to see more women active online in the fannish/mannish world of Alien.)




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