Space communications networks.


Extrapolating the universe of the Nostromo begins with the real world, adding credibility to the science fiction.

Listening to this episode recently, hosted by Gary Jordan of NASA’s ‘Houston, We Have a Podcast,’ gave me a lot to think about the subject of deep space communications, the forebears of Antarctica Traffic Control…and what it might be to communicate with far-off Thedus.



What I find especially exciting is the transcript of the podcast is included at the episode’s web page, so I can be sure to get the names, places, and technology right!

Bill Foster, Ground Controller in Mission Control Houston, talks about how space communication networks work and what they will look like for missions into deep space. HWHAP Episode 26.

Source: Ep 26: Can You Hear Me Now?

(Special thanks to Scott Middlebrook, who turned me on to NASA’s Gravity Assist podcast and, well, that led to this podcast…)



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