Planning the Search: ALIEN deleted scenes


One of my favorite deleted scenes from ALIEN is “Planning the Search.”

It is the one where the crew get together to figure out how they are going to get rid of their unexpected guest, a task that is complicated by the emotional chaos resulting from Kane’s gruesome death and the creature’s violent birth.

That aside, I really enjoy the exposition in this scene. The characters’ sarcasm helps disguise the difficulty of delivering such chunks of explanation.

Much of the dialogue in this cut scene was ad-libbed and taken from three scenes:

  • SCENE 117 (INT. MESS),
  • SCENE 118 (INT. CORRIDOR – “A” DECK), and
  • SCENE 122 (INT. MESS).

To add to your enjoyment of the scene, here are a couple of extras:

  1. A link to AvPGalaxy’s script library for the revised final draft dated October 4, 1978
  2. Also, a diagram of the scene below, to help you understand where everyone is located in the space:


The A-Deck set plan, with camera placement and location of actors. (Set diagram by Adam Savage-Hill)


To save you having to scroll between pages in the script linked above, here is my transcript of the scene:



And finally, here is the scene itself:


Take special note of Ian Holm’s delivery of Ash’s final word in the scene. I think you will find it very…interesting


Editor’s note: if you have never met Adam and his work before, click here for more information. If you are looking to research the set plans, his Flickr gallery will floor you!



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