The (Eaglemoss) Nostromo is ‘going in’…


Borrowing a quote from Capt. Dallas, I wanted to share some pictures from my latest session of goofing around with my Eaglemoss USCSS Nostromo.



I always enjoy in-camera SFX, so I replicated that as much as possible by using the following screen caps from Shadow of Reflection’s Alien: The Director’s Cut gallery on my 27-inch iMac (with 2560-by-1440 res LED-backlit display).


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My array of graphics software is not advanced enough to convincingly paint things  out, but I think the shots came out well enough to show off the craftmanship and design of the model.

I know, I know: it’s not Bray Studios, but I had a very short production schedule. Hoping you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed putting them together!



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And for a very close look at the model, see the following gallery. There are imperfections, of course, but for a mass-produced model I think they did pretty good.



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Thanks to all at Eaglemoss Collections team for the time and energy taken to get this on the market! Hats off to you!



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