Billson’s ‘Cats on Film’ includes her ‘My Day by Jones’ story.


Remember reading Anne Billson‘s My Day by Jones (A Cat’s-eye View of ALIEN) short story when it was on the internet briefly a few years ago? Well, it’s back…

Anne’s post on her blog back on April 30, 2011.

It’s a neat little tale – from Jones’ point of view – that gives ALIEN fans some insight into what that rascally Ginger Tom was up to while everyone else was otherwise pre-occupied.

The cover of the (brief) 2012 eBook release.

She pulled the eBook when she began work on a larger-scope, cats-in-film book.  I asked her today about it and was surprised to hear that the book was published in October.

Cats on Film is described as “the definitive work of feline film scholarship, in which critic and novelist Anne Billson explores the narrative functions of cats in one hundred films, and incidentally shows how they are much more varied and interesting than the narrative functions of dogs.”

The book is available at Amazon (Kindle, paperback), at Smashwords (Kindle, ePub, PDF) or at CreateSpace (paperback).

You can find more of Anne Billson’s writing on her blog:

Check it out…



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