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There’s a new blog on the Alien ‘horizon,’ and while normally I stick to ALIEN (1979)-centric sites, I have made an exception in this case based entirely on content. Join me as I ramble…



Yutani, a new WordPress blog, “is dedicated to the intertextual analysis of Alien Films and other shared interests of the contributors which revolve around Science Fiction, Technology, Robotics and AI.

Anyone who uses phrases like “intertextual analysis” when writing about ALIEN gets my attention. I’ve followed the Tumblr site of Clara Fei-Fei (mod of that site and also founder of Yutani blog) for a while now.

And I keep going back.

The articles there are thought-provoking and insightful, revealing an analytical approach that I really enjoy.

When I find any Alien fan born after 1989 who takes this approach…why, I celebrate! Hence my sharing this site with you.

I like to think of Clara (and her contemporaries, like Michael Scudieri)  as candidates in a kind of Horizons Beyond officer training program. I don’t write that patronizingly; fans younger than me with edification on their minds are the future of constructive fandom. They will labor quietly, presenting us with works that will surprise and delight…and hopefully instill some of that oh-so-familiar dread implied in Alien’s dark cosmos.


Ellen L. Ripley, graduate of the Weyland Yutani Horizons Beyond officer training program (Class of  2116).


Ridley Scott’s new focus on AI is stimulating and I wonder what things he might establish going forward. For me, this might all funnel back into ‘Mother’, giving some new context for understanding the software version resident on the Nostromo’s mainframe in 2122.

Even though ALIEN did not depict a verbal-interaction mode, Dallas and Ripley — two command officers — did display a readiness to talk to the thing despite its lack of verbal feedback. Contrast this with my practice of only talking to my mute computer devices when they are not working as expected, much like Ripley’s reaction when she missed the countdown by just a few seconds…



I am open to the creative ret-conning of Mother and perhaps we will have more of that in the films…

…but in the meantime, I feel confident the contributors to Yutani will help strike up new thoughts to entertain my musings.


Hello and welcome to Yutani, our new shared blog.

via Interface 3053 Ready for Inquiry — Y U T A N I





  1. I can’t believe I never commented, thank you so much for your endorsement. Time really flies. Your support means a lot and as always I look forward to sharing moments and conversation about Alien with you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As you say, ‘Time really flies’, and having had the advantage of enjoying the content you have produced since I originally posted, I can say I do not regret giving you the ‘thumbs up!’ Kudos on keeping an edifying and even keel amid the oft-tempestuous seas of the ALIEN fan universe. Does my heart good to know you’re out there doing what you do. 😉

      Liked by 1 person


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