Face-off: Lockmart’s CM-88B Bison vs. Lockheed Martin’s C-5 Galaxy


Donald Miller is my kind of guy: not only does he dig Nostromo model kits, he likes to craft diagrams to illustrate just how big she is.

I have not seen many scale drawings of the ship compared to real-world vehicles, but today I came across Donald’s comparison with Lockheed Martin’s workhorse of the sky, the C-5 Galaxy


C-5M. Lockheed Martin Photography by Damien A. Garner


…in comparison with this monster:

Lockmart’s modified CM-88B Bison Transport


So, how do they measure up?

Here’s what Donald has come up with, over at his Flickr photostream:

Nostromo vs. C5


A look at the film and the C-5’s specs show us:

Nostromo’s tow-load is 20,000,000 tons.

C-5 Galaxy’s max. payload is 143 tons.


Nostromo’s length of 800-feet is referenced in Starlog Magazine #23 (June 1979), page 24.

Specs on the C-5 Galaxy state that it is 248 feet long.


The exact dimensions of the Nostromo are debatable, but you have to start somewhere when you make these diagrams, and I think Donald’s done a nice job here.



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