Playlist for Alien: Isolation | Full Soundtrack


Hey, kids! Remember when I shared with you that Alien: Isolation Full Soundtrack assembled by DarcsenHQ?

Well guess what? He hasn’t been idle in the meantime…

Click here to visit DarcsenHQ’s YouTube channel and there you will find the new link he added to…

<…flourish of trumpets!…>

…the Alien: Isolation Full Soundtrack playlist version!

You read rightly: DarcsenHQ has split the full soundtrack audio/video file into a playlist of 51 individual tracks.

Now you can get it in one seamless file, to play as you work, (or play as you play!) and a version useful for focusing in on that just-right track.

My favs are Eerie Calm, Lower Hospital, Hallways, AlienUnrelenting, Aliens, and <gulp> Leaving the Core!

Just reading these titles has me wanting to play the game again. (Hey Amanda, Ricardo! Wait up, you guys…)

With that said, I’ll leave you to it…


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