Introducing “Memories of Nostromo”: a fan essay series


The fateful journey of the commercial towing vehicle Nostromo — and its crew of seven — has captivated fans of science fiction and horror across known space since 1979.  Part of that attraction is the ship itself

Do you remember the first time you saw the Nostromo?

After that opening pan — so slow, with haunting soundtrack — takes us past that ringed alien world, we are shown a terse summary.

Essay series intro

And with these words, fans of science fiction were introduced to a new kind of spaceship. It was a spaceship that:

…moved ponderously through the void like an old tanker.

…creaked and groaned, its interior throbbing with a machine heartbeat.

…was crewed by men and women who were world-weary, disagreeable, and more driven by greed than some grand prime directive.


It was a spaceship that … never returned home.



This post kicks off eight weeks of original Nostromo essays, written by fans of Alien like you, and presented in order of transmittal.

If you enjoy them a fraction as much as I did assembling them for this project, then I consider it a resounding success!

Mother’s minding our course, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!


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