A blast from the past (or, junk from The Nostromo Files archives)


While digging through more old folders on the hard drive, I came across the images from the old Nostromo Files site.

I’ve been looking for these ever since joining the Nostromo blueprint thread at Propsummit.com years back.

Here are my working drawings of the Nostromo deck plans, along with the ship’s flight plan map (modified from Scott Middlebrook’s crafty edit of one of Winchell Chung’s starmaps).

This gets my creative energy going, let me tell you. After getting the guest essay project published to the blog, it will be time to get back to creating more content for the Overmonitoring Address Matrix on The Nostromo Files site.

Until then, here are a few modest MS Paint drawings for you to enjoy.

(Special thanks to Scott Middlebrook for input into these when I drew them back when. Apologies in advance; resolution on these is all over the place!  Some are still in the old standard 640 x 480 resolution. Ahh, the “good old days”…)

The official Fox-posted set plans, flipped into positive for use in drawing deck plans. I tried to maintain the aesthetic shown here as I created new spaces.
Before I had software that let me draw in layers, I made templates of each part of the drawing. This is one version of the base plates for it.
Bow view of Nostromo, using a drawing from the Halcyon kit instructions.
A simplified structural bulkhead layout of the ship. That is the supposed location of the forward landing gear bay in the lower middle of the hull.
A quick sketch of Nostromo in a planet-side docking bay the would enable maintenance and repair to all parts of the ship.
Top view of the Nostromo docking bay drawing.
Top plan of Nostromo, using a sketch of a photograph of the model, with details cut-and-pasted from the Halcyon kit instructions.
Deck plan sketches, based on the stage plans.
An early version of the deck plans.
A closer view of the same plans.
A version of the base plate, with Scott Middlebrook’s flight plan map shown therein.
A large view of just Scott Middlebrook’s flight plan.
This is Scott Middlebrook’s Alien universe star map, made using Winchell Chung’s original real star map.
A cleaner version of Scott Middlebrook’s flight plan, with a few stars thrown in for show.
Flight plan with galactic art backdrop. A little too busy.
The master copy of the cutaway drawing, before detailing the interior.
This worksheet shows possible bulkheads, hull structure, as well as my take on A-, B-, and C-Decks.
Close up of the ship’s forward spaces.
A gray-scale version of the Nostromo cutaway, showing early placement of decks and chambers.
The final cutaway, showing possible layouts for decks, air ducts, landing gear bay, and maintenance garage.
Parts used to cut-and-paste the landing leg drawing.
Two views of my ideas for the crew lift’s support leg, where it might be in relation to inner decks, and how it might deploy.
Playing around with Mother’s boot-up screen.
A version of the base plate and Scott Middlebrook’s flight plan, with additional cartographic elements.



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