“Warren Presents” always makes for good reading.


The movie: Alien. The time: 1979. The place: my local newsstand.

I’d read the novelization. I’d seen the movie. And then on that fateful day back when, came this frightful cover staring back at me:

Warren Presents Alien Magazine (1979)

At the time, I’d only seen the movie a few of times at the theater. I managed the tension pretty well until after Dallas’ was taken. From that point on, the terror never left me.

I remember trying to laugh at how ugly Lambert looked, steeped in her terror. Thinking, “maybe they should send her after it. Surely it would die of fright.”

That never worked.

I literally jumped each time the alien turned toward the camera as Ripley crept around the corner of the hatchway!

The picture on the cover of this magazine creeped me out beyond all measure, coming as it did in the days before the treasure of alternate and behind-the-scenes photographs that fill the interwebs dulled its impact.

Never seen the magazine?  Well, we can fix that right quick.  Click here to download it from Internet Archive.

Or better yet, grab a copy from the online auctions. It’s worth it.

Oh, and while you’re there, you might want to download their special issue on Aliens, too.




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