Nostromo & Derelict, by Jeff Bond


I built and painted this PVC and styrene kit as a kind of relaxing recovery therapy from doing the Enterprise refit.

With these words, model-builder Jeff Bond introduces the Flickr photo album that highlights his project.

Not many have the opportunity to tackle this out-of-production vinyl/PVC hybrid kit produced by Halycon back in the 1990s.  You can find them in the online auctions occasionally, but with a hefty price-tag.

Jeff found one and assembles its 120-odd parts adroitly, showing off the piping, paneling, and other detailing that has long given this kit its solid reputation.  Due to the age of these kits, some of the challenge is getting the vinyl back to its original shape.

I asked Jeff about the build and if there were particular challenges with it. Here’s his response:

This was a kit I’d wanted for years but was always well out of my price range. I believe it was originally offered for around $90 and would regularly go on eBay for $300-$400.  I found one for $180, I think.  The parts are mostly vinyl, which is not ideal for something like a spaceship, and indeed there was a little bit of warping and collapsing of some of the parts after so many years.  I managed to heat them and get them roughly back into shape and I used expanding insulation foam to fill the parts, which is a messy, horrible process.  I painted the whole thing a dark gray with some washes and then black and brown weathering pastels to age it.  Probably should have gone a bit lighter but I was thinking of the whole wet, night-time look that the model had in the scenes on the alien planet.  The antennas and landing gear are molded in styrene and are well done, but they just make you wish the whole kit had been done that way.  It is an impressive subject when finished though, with some great engine detail.

Before Jeff departed the universe of Alien, he also tried his hand at the derelict, a stout resin garage kit made by Scale Solutions, an Australian company.

You can check out more photographs of both models at his Nostromo Flickr album.

He also has an album of photos he took of the restored Nostromo miniature.

There are many assorted science fiction albums on his site.   You’re sure to find something there you will enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amazing creative work from a fan with diverse interests.  Give his albums a visit and let him know The Nostromo Files sent you.

(Thanks for taking time to talk about your builds, Jeff.)




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