Spotlight on…Strange Shapes: “Space, 2122 – 2179”


In Alien, we are presented with suggestions of an intriguing universe through the actions and words of the Nostromo crew.

Intriguing, that is, until the terror (literally) bursts onto the scene, holding our attention in its bloody hands until the first strains of Howard Hanson’s Sinfonia No. 2 “The Romantic” signal the end of the struggle.

Valaquen has written the post linked below, making connections in the Nostromo crew’s histories that give us a clearer picture of the universe in which they existed.



From the Nostromo Crew Profiles, apparently drawn from notes concocted during Alien’s production (with additions and embellishments definitely added later), we can see the histories of the No…

Read the rest at: Space, 2122 – 2179 | Strange Shapes


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