Spotlight on…Strange Shapes: “Nostromo Crew Profiles”


Welcome to the debut of The Nostromo Files‘ “Spotlight on...” series!  Posts with that tag line and this graphic:

…will shine some light on others in the universe of Alien fandom whose writing explores the nooks and crannies of the first film’s production and release.

I’m kicking this off with seven days of Strange Shapes, the blog written by Valaquen and dedicated to Ridley Scott’s Alien and Prometheus, James Cameron’s Aliens, and David Fincher’s Alien³.

(Besides his in-depth writing, Valaquen‘s Tolkien-esque handle caught my attention.)

Having recently posted the “Crew Profiles” page (after a four-year hiatus),  I thought it might be a good time to share this article that illustrates, quite well, some intriguing background info, as well as the problems one has with trying to fit them into the continuity.  Enjoy!



Nostromo Crew Profiles

Taken from the Alien Legacy DVD set, these are the histories of the Nostromo crew pre-Alien and are allegedly derived from Ridley Scott’s character notes. Back in the scripting phase, Dan O’Bannon had planned to work out the character…

Read the rest at: Nostromo Crew Profiles | Strange Shapes



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