Nostromo, in pen & ink.


Simon Atkinson has been putting pen to paper for over a quarter century now, bringing science fiction spacecraft and technology to life in sharp detail.

Recently, he posted this gem online:

NOSTROMO : The Landing, by Simon Atkinson. (c) Simon Atkinson. Used with permission.


Fans of the Nostromo don’t get a lot of hand-drawn artwork to collect, so this was a treat.

I’ve been a fan of pen and ink artwork since my grammar school days, when our art teacher had us sketch still life on folds of fabric that literally stretched our fledgling abilities to cross-hatch to the limit.

So when I saw what Simon had done here with a favorite science fiction ship, I could appreciate the techniques he used to capture the drama of this iconic scene from Alien.

And I wanted to share it with you…


…but hold on to your keyboard: there’s more:

He is offering fine art prints of this image at his website!


Simon’s other work in science fiction is also well established, especially in the universe of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.  That project has resulted in quite a lot of attention…even celebrity acclaim.


And well earned.  Take a look at one example from his 2001: A Space Odyssey spacecraft art collection:

Simon’s Discovery 1 and Space Pod. (c) Simon Atkinson. Used with permission.


Visit Simon Atkinson Creative Arts, his official website, to see:

  • The Nostromo Fine Art Print.
  • The Welsh Narrow Gauge Railway Fine Art Print Collection.
  • Information about his involvement with the book, 2001: Filming the Future.
  • A gallery of his model making.
  • Railway photography.
  • and other examples of his work as an illustrator and a model maker.

You can also see his work at the Simon Atkinson Creative Arts Facebook page.

He’s a busy guy, but maybe we’ll see more of the ships of Alien from Simon Atkinson in the future…

…in the meantime, I’ve started my collection now.

My copy of “NOSTROMO : The Landing”, by Simon Atkinson. (3 of 200)




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