The Nostromo returns, by John Eaves.


John Eaves is a pin-up photographer and illustrator best known for his Star Trek work.  So how does a guy like him end up on blog like this?

Maybe because he is also a professional model maker I admire who has a connection to one of my favorite sci-fi spaceships:  the large Nostromo filming miniature.

But there’s so much more to his work than that, so let’s take a quick look at that, okay?

Many know John as the amiable concept designer who has contributed his unique skills and vision to the entertainment industry since…

Eaves, pen at the ready!  (Photo property of

…well, let’s just say that he knows his way around the genres.  John has worked as a model maker (Top GunThe Hunt for Red October, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Alien 3), and illustrator (SeaQuest DSV, Tropic Thunder, Valkyrie).

Once you start researching, you’ll be surprised where you’ll find his footprints.  (The man’s an artistic machine!)

Most recently he has produced concept works for Godzilla Two, Mad Max: Fury Road, the Star Wars Rogue One Revell Model box art, and spacecraft designs for Star Trek Discovery.

Yes, John’s is the name that gets mentioned when, oh, say you need a new Starship Enterprise to replace the Galaxy-class.

That’s right, he designed the Enterprise-E and tells more about that in this article.


But getting back to the “why here?” question…

Having been a follower of John’s work for decades, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a few years back that he worked with Grant McCune Design, the team that brought the world the restoration of that grand old gray-lady herself, the 7-foot Nostromo filming miniature.

John has written several entertaining and informative posts about the work that I’d like to share with you. Half the joy of reading them is his style of writing.

Now that you’ve had your fill of me, I’ll turn you over to the capable narrative hands of Mr. Eaves.

Visit the links below to read more about the project.

the nostromo (January 15, 2010)


nostromo part 2  (January 19, 2010)


nostromo part 3, the work continues at grant mccune design (January 26, 2010)


the nostromo, part 3, the final shots


When John found TNF‘s Facebook page, he generously shared photographs of his own (see The Nostromo Files Facebook photo galleries).

(I don’t know about you, but I could pore over them for hours…  so, I’ll see you later!)



P. S.  Before you think it’s easy to pigeon-hole John Eaves into the sci-fi slot, check out his photography website, where he displays his self-proclaimed “passion for pinup, cosplay, and themed shoots.


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