Scratchbuilds, by Cinesfx… c’est fantastique!



The longer one wanders the (figurative) space lanes between Earth and Thedus, one can’t help but find items of interest along the way…

One such place happens to be in terrestrial France and belongs to a guy with the handle of Cinesfx Fred.

Cinesfx Fred is the kind of guy who not only enjoys talking about Alien props, he builds them.

That is how we ‘met’.

There’s more!  He also hosts a website (called Cine SFX), where he covers a multitude of special effects topics: from animation to scale models, from special makeup to maquettes and miniatures.  Today we’ll take a look at three of his Nostromo-related projects.

The first is Nostromania 2013 : Mon Nostromo en Carton … / My Scratchbuilt Nostromo


cinefex fred 1
Forward view of Scratchbuilt Nostromo, by Cinesfx Fred.  (That is the Halcyon Nostromo perched atop its larger sister, for scale.)


cinefext fred2
Aft view of Scratchbuilt Nostromo, by Cinesfx Fred


His debut project began in July 2010, after years of enjoying the word of special effects artists and his fondness for the Nostromo inspired him to make the attempt:

It will be my first model making experience and I decided to use cardboard as easiest and lowest cost material for me to work with.  I will use the Halcyon model as reference and five times its dimensions.  That means a 5 feet finished model and an 1/190 scale. I quickly understand that I will not be able to reproduce the perfect esthetism and the many details of the spaceship. But I will try to make it as good as possible for my first try.

I think you’ll agree that his “good as possible” is very good.

Secondly, we have:  Nostromania 2014 : A bord du Nostromo : La Maquette Carton du Cokpit / Nostromo Bridge Scratchbuilt Model


cinefext fred4
Nostromo Bridge Scratchbuilt Model, by Cinesfx Fred.


What is interesting about this model is that it seems to be a living example of “necessity” being the “mother of invention”. Instead of letting it hinder his efforts, he capitalized on limits to his materials.  Cinesfx Fred writes,

After my [Nostromo], I had some cardboard left. Not enough for a new big model but quite enough for a small one. The thing was that  I didn’t want to escape the Alien universe and the Nostromo… so  let’s stay inside. When I consider the fantastic inner sets and designs of the spaceship, my favorite one is its main bridge…

And then there’s this gem:  Nostromania 2015 : Siège et Console Alien Nostromo Mother taille réelle / Nostromo Mother Room’s Seat & Console full scale homemade


cinefext fred3
Nostromo Mother Room’s Seat & Console full scale (homemade), by Cinesfx Fred.


In this project, Cinesfx Fred writes that he originally intended to recreate the Mother computer room using the same cardboard sheets he used for his Nostromo bridge model (see above), but felt he could do it better justice on a larger scale.  He began the project by deducing measurements from a photo of Tom Skeritt, on the set.

Cinesfx Fred’s handiwork speaks for itself, and his write-ups have all the charm of a serious fan who loves Alien…so jump on over to his website and have a good read.





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