Oh, that (Narcissus) nose…


The folks at Starship Modeler have provided science fiction model fans with interesting and entertaining content since 1997.  Their reviewers often include a little context and trivia in their write-ups so you can better understand the decisions made in the building.

Case in point is this article, by Olivier Cabourdin: Starship Modeler: Narcissus Kit Review

In 1999, Olivier wrote this review of the Halcyon model kit of the Narcissus, the shuttle of the Nostromo.  These kits are rare and his writing has stood the test of time.

Olivier discusses the differences between the shuttle as depicted in Alien and Aliens, and the need to modify the ship’s nose and other parts to better reflect what is shown to us in the movies.

What makes his build of special interest all these years later is how successfully he accurized and detailed the model without the benefit of Blu-ray screencaps and long before behind the scenes photographs were readily available on the interwebs.  His bibliography of reference material is impressive and includes some items on my own shelf.

When I got in touch with him recently to discuss the model, I was impressed with his humble response: he did it with what he had on hand, with the skills he had at the time.

That’s a familiar theme with a lot of us Alien fans to describe what we were doing back then.

In the past 20 years, however, Olivier’s skills have increased, producing wonders that can be seen at Olcabour’s Hangar: A Starship Modeling World.

And thanks to Steve Iverson and the folks at CultTVMan’s Fantastic Modeling website, for keeping pages like these available.



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