Kermode Uncut: Alien Ancestry


As John R. Mullaney and I once discussed our favorite films, he recommended an out-spoken and worthy film UK reviewer.

I’m in the U.S. and had not yet heard of the opinionated British film critic Mark Kermode, but I am always open to hearing  new views on film, so I checked him out.

I have to agree with John that Kermode knows his stuff.

Recently, I came across this installment of “Kermode Uncut” entitled, “Alien Ancestry”.

An apt title, given the current series of movies’ preoccupation with origins and undoing the mystery and terror…

…by explaining it.

Kermode makes an informed and valid assessment of the viability of Alien‘s “-quels”, whether they are of the “pre'” or the “se-” variety.

In this day and age (of social media) when, substance suffers at the hands of form, Kermode’s thinking is like water in the desert.  (Thanks, John.)

Hear for yourself…



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