Ed Giddings, Eaglemoss, and starships.


If you haven’t seen the work of freelance CGI artist Ed Giddings, you’re gonna love this.

He posted these beautiful renders of the Nostromo at his website, CGReactor.com:

I have been looking at the Nostromo for decades now, and the first thing I thought of when I saw the first photo above was this angle of an early production miniature, sans probes et. al.:


Giddings knows his Nostromo.

And look at what he’s done with the Narcissus:

And his Sulaco is nicely done:

According to his web page, each model was

“created and rendered for Eaglemoss Publications and converted to STL format for use in creating a 3D printed physical model.”

If this means that there will be models of these ships hitting the market in the future, it sure sounds good to me!

Giddings has done some marvelous work for Eaglemoss Publications and has put his hand to a few other popular genres.  Given the credits he’s garnered over his 15 years in the industry, it is no surprise he stays so busy.

See more of his work at CGReactor.com.  All imagery so marked is property of Ed Giddings.



  1. “creating a 3D printed physical model.”

    That sounds real good
    I try to get my hands on every decently rendered Nostromo model I can
    Its seems to be the shape and sizes of obvious things like the vertical thruster blocks that some people always get wrong for some reason

    But that one looks right

    Also I’m pretty sure thats Bob Burns big main miniature in that pic
    You can even see the cabling running through the top docking mount

    Liked by 1 person


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