Size comparisons: tankers vs. Nostromo


In a previous post, I briefly touched on how such earthbound vessels as supertankers compared in size to the Nostromo.  These numbers were given:

Length: 1,081 ft. (330m) 1,095 ft. (334 m) 1,362 ft. (415m)
Beam: 190 ft. (58 m) 705 ft. (215 m) 207 ft. (63 m)
Draft: 102 ft. (31 m) 320 ft. (98 m) 115 ft. (35 m)

If you are more visually oriented, then you might find this graphic I drew up to be enlightening:

Graphic from Maritime Connector, with Nostromo added.

Compared to the total volume of the supertanker, its superstructure is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, so to speak.  Using that as an example, it would be reasonable to assume the Nostromo‘s crew spaces would also be relatively small and confined to mainly one area, with three exceptions:

  1. the garage adjacent to the forward landing gear chamber;
  2. the access airlock to the shuttle; and
  3. the engineering control room that overlooks the cavernous engine room itself.

Most of the other spaces would seemingly be available for cargo, fuel storage, or other non-pressurized utilitarian uses.



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