While doing research […] no one can hear you scream.


Learning and the quest for knowledge are things that fire the imagination, and drive many a science fiction story plot.

Libraries play an enormous part of that and are the best community resources around.  It was at my local library that I found this bookmark, and discovered a cool research tool.

I was introduced to libraries as a child, which probably explains my voracious appetite for the printed word.  And I’ve grown to appreciate even more their relevance in today’s mesmerizing miasma of (mis)information.

The folks at Credo get that.  Here’s how they put it:

Credo believes that everyone deserves the ability to learn and the opportunity to succeed.  We currently find ourselves in an era of unprecedented access to Information, however successfully navigating this ocean of data requires a strong foundation of information literacy skills. Unfortunately, the information skills of the average individual are often lacking. For example, 56% of high school graduates don’t know how to do research.  At the same time, 61% of college students use Wikipedia for research even though just 24% of them believe that it is a trustworthy source.  This extends beyond the classroom—77% of employees feel that finding and using information is an essential part of their everyday work.  Most surprising of all: nearly a third of all U.S. citizens do not know how to use the Internet!


Of course, they’re preaching to the choir.

It was from librarians that I learned how to bring perspective to a research project, navigating with ease those mighty Books in Print subject and topical indices thick enough to choke a horse.

I used a card catalog before computers proliferated, even after I graduated college, mind you…

…and long ago saw that the internet does not make libraries obsolete.  At least not for those who seek facts.

But what’s even cooler than knowing how to do research and how to build knowledge on a firm foundation is knowing that an Alien fan in Credo’s marketing department convinced someone in management to use the movie’s poster art as a backdrop to their mission statement.

Now that’s connecting the dots!

It’s little treasures like this, found at the library, that keep me going back for more…

(If you live in the U.S., check with your local library about using Credo.  If you live elsewhere, show your favorite librarian the bookmark above and maybe they’ll get creative, too.)

P.S.:  In a moment of synchronicity, I met a self-described British-expat librarian at a work meeting shortly after writing this post.  His name is Andrew and not only was he familiar with the Alien bookmark, he is a Smartgun-toting fan of the Alien universe.  Andrew, whose favorite author is Clive Barker, runs a well-written horror fiction blog: The Books of Blood, replete with book reviews and author interviews.  Check it out.


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