Triumph rivals Nostromo.


Early on in my Nostromo imaginings, I turned to the very real world of global shipping to find massive vehicles that might be used to compare with the enormous commercial towing vehicle

Ripley: “This is commercial towing vehicle Nostromo, out of the Solomons…”

First, I looked to the VLCC or Very Large Crude Carriers.

The VLCC Maersk Nautilus.

The dimensions of these supertankers range between 980 to 1,081 feet (300 to 330 m) in length, 190 feet (58 m) breath and 102 feet (31 m) in depth.

The next size above these would be the ULCC or Ultra Large Crude Carriers.

The ULCC Knock Nevis (Jahre Viking)

According to Maritime Connector, these vessels are primarily used for very long distance crude oil transportation from the Persian Gulf to Europe, Asia and North America, which resonated with the type of voyage Nostromo traveled.

The ULCC are the world’s largest shipping vessels, with standard dimensions of 1,362 feet, (415 m) length, 207 feet (63 m) width, and 115 feet (35 m) draught.

In Alien, we are only introduced to one commercial towing vehicle, but when I compare it to its earth-bound cousins, we see that Nostromo fits neatly between the two:

Length: 1,081ft. (330m) 1,095 ft. (334 m) 1,362 ft. (415m)
Beam: 190 ft. (58 m) 705 ft. (215 m) 207 ft. (63 m)
Draft: 102 ft. (31 m) 320 ft. (98 m) 115 ft. (35 m)

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post: a new breed of ship, the MOL Triumph.

MOL Triumph docked at the port of Southampton, May 11, 2017. Photo: Andrew McAlpine

The 20,170 teu MOL Triumph became the largest ship to ever visit the UK when it docked at the port of Southampton earlier today. MOL Triumph is the first in a new breed of ultra large container vessels (ULCV), or so-called’megaships’, entering service this year with capacity to carry more than 20,000 twenty-foot. It was delivered […]

Source: First 20,000 TEU ‘Megaship’ Docks in UK – gCaptain

¹Nostromo dimensions from The Alien Universe Timeline “Vehicles” page.


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