Wings of ubiquity.


I like this nice bit of Alien-Alien: Covenant crossover: the Nostromo-era Company logo is showing up in the new film.


I haven’t been this excited to see that Egyptian winged sun-disc emblem since finding it reproduced in the Thinking Cap Company’s 1981-issued ‘Authorized Portfolio of Crew Insignias from the United States Commercial Spaceship Nostromo!

On the off chance you’re new to the Alien universe, here it is:

W-Y Wings.png

This ubiquitous logo appeared in many places aboard the Nostromo on equipment, clothing, merchandise, dishes, even on the exterior of the ship:


And now, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of it in Alien: Covenant.

For the quick “101” through this film inter-connection, hop over to the Observation Deck, and their article entitled, “An Old Insignia Wings Its Way Back To The Alien-verse.”


Seeing this makes me smile as much as these members of the Alien: Covenant effects crew, Odd Studio, posing with cast member Danny McBride.

Things are looking up…

P.S.  Follow this link to an Imgur-hosted copy of the Thinking Cap portfolio…



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