The Overmonitoring Address Matrix. 



The original home page for The Nostromo Files. Note the screen resolution…

When The Nostromo Files launched in the late 90s, I liked the idea of its menu echoing the Overmonitoring Address Matrix (OAM), that iconic human-computer interface we first see when Dallas enters the Mother chamber to answer that flashing yellow light and find out why the crew have been awakened early.

For me, its clicks, whirs, chirps and chatters evoke the sense of wonder and excitement (and trepidation) I felt toward this unsettling movie as it unfolded in 1979 before my 15-year-old eyes.

For my site menu, I replaced the alpha-numeric extension of each menu item with a code that showed when the page had last been updated:

With today’s post, I introduce not only some tweaks to the menu bar, but the new version of the OAM:

There are only a few links active right now, but that of course will change with time.

It is optimized for desktop viewing, but with a little landscape use of mobile devices, you will be able to find what you’re looking for.


Here you’ll get a hint of what’s planned for the site in the future, with a handful of links already enabled:

  • PHOTO G: a gallery of photographs used on the site.
  • INTERFACE 2027: the afore-mentioned email form.
  • NETWORK: a page of hyperlinks to other sites we’ve mentioned or visit.
  • DECK A, DECK B, DECK C: I set these up as I imagine they might have worked if the crew hadn’t been “blind on B and C Decks”.

Last word:  as the vision for this site constantly evolves, I keep at the forefront the (young) adult first discovering Alien, the film that has been with many of us for decades.  I enjoy seeing the excitement of someone fresh from the realization that so much of this movie hangs together with a consistency so very rare back when it was made.

I hope you enjoy it.






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