Cat of the Day 100: Alien + Aliens. 

Anne Billson wrote an entertaining short story — from the point of view of Jones, the ship’s cat in Alien — a while back. Based on this blog post of hers, we’ll see it again in the future.



alien06CAT OF THE DAY 100: ALIEN (1979) & ALIENS (1986)

To mark our 100th CAT OF THE DAY, here’s one of the most popular cats in movies – Jones, from Alien. This handsome ginger puss performs multiple cat-functions. He is not just a CATGUFFIN, providing a pretext for characters to go wandering off by themselves, but also CATPANION to Ripley, giving her someone to talk to when all her crewmates have been killed off, provides several moments of CATSHOCK when he suddenly jumps out at people, and is furthermore a CATSCALLION, because you’re never quite sure, even at the end of the film, if he has been somehow been infected by the alien. (See CATEGORIES for further clarification.)

In fact, by the time we get to the sequel, seven years later, it’s quite clear Jones is an imposter, because look what 57 years of hypersleep have done! Entirely different ginger…

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