A Halcyon Nostromo build, with the lights on.


Searches on the 21st Century internet are akin to a daily walk on the beach, the kind where you never know what you’ll find offered up by the vast and mysterious sea.

Today’s search was no different; it turned up a new Nostromo.

I found a photo gallery of a delightful Halcyon kit build over at Science Fiction & Fantasy Modellers: UK, by a fellow named Dean Eyre.

He lit his Nostromo much as it is seen in the film, with special attention to the short string of lights below the docking umbilical hood (seen as the ship sets down), as well as the sprinkle of pinpoints across the fuselage (seen as the ship flies through the stormy atmosphere of the planetoid), and the mandatory landing gear lights as well.

The paint job is subtle and includes red highlights on the nose of the ship, as well as the long boom antenna and circular comm dish on the port-forward lobe.

The detail molded into the model is difficult to highlight, but Eyre has done a nice job weathering it into life.  The choices he made in panel highlighting and detail really give it the appearance of being a much larger miniature.

And the display base he built is minimal, showcasing the ship, while setting an appropriately ominous tone for the entire package.

Here are the photos from Eyre’s gallery:

It looks like the site admins have shifted the site over to a Facebook Group.  I really like their reasoning, and invitation:

“I have decided to shift to the Facebook Group as the best option to allow people to post easily and take part. Just request to join and it will be granted.”

Sounds like a nice bunch of folks.  You can find them at Science Fiction & Fantasy Modellers: UK.  

Tell ’em The Nostromo Files sent you.






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