What exactly is a ‘Nostromo’?



Part of the fun of projects like The Nostromo Files is trying to get a handle on what a ship like Nostromo would be like were it a real vehicle.

nostromo-maxresdefaultSome information is readily accessible, most is not.  This is because, while the cast, crew, and creative team all did a great job of selling the peculiar collection of movie set, aircraft parts, and mechanical junk as a living, breathing, working aero-space machine, in those days, no one knew the film would be a success and that people would be fascinated by what they pulled off.

Plus, it was all just an illusion, but the force of that illusion struck many us so that for us, it could be a real thing if only we could pull together all known facts about the concepts, designs, and construction of the miniatures and sets.

But, we still have lives firmly grounded in the real world, so we bring that aspect to the discussion as well.

I have made friends who are very talented at illustrating their ideas, theories, and arguments — whether it be in writing, prop and costume-making, sketchwork, music, or CG imagery — while remaining open-minded to produce an atmosphere of friendly conversation.

After all, the Nostromo is an illusion created to tell a story, an spaceship of the mind that transports our imaginations to a faraway place, in a not-too-distant future, where we meet people whose story draws back again and again (…and again…).

As I compile my Nostromo data, gleaned over the decades from a variety of sources, I have found great value in the discussions over at Propsummit.com.  The site’s admins do a wonderful job keeping their boards on the right track, which I credit to my enjoyment.

My worksheet for deck plans, using set plans for A-Deck, and Graham Langridge’s orthos.

Of special note is a thread that’s getting some activity here lately as some friends and I delve into the unknown land of the Nostromo.  Thing is, you’re either into this kind of thing, or you’re not, but if you’re a follower of this blog, I gotta think you have more than a passing interest in the topic, so I wanted to share this:

Design Thread: Nostromo interiors and deck configurations

The link will take you to the latest posts, but you will find it easy to start at the beginning for more context.

Constructive comments that further the discussion are more than welcome.  We do not always agree on things, but that doesn’t stop us from having a blast and respecting different theories.

Join us, won’t you?



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