Alien (the novelization) by Alan Dean Foster. 


I’ve been re-reading my battered 70s-era copy of the fantastic Alien novelization, written by Alan Dean Foster, and have found some interesting things within…


Apparently, even the folks over at Den of Geek have realized this as well.

If you have never read the thing, whet your appetite on this excerpt of the opening chapter, from the Titan Books website.

Despite the fact that Foster wrote the novelization before the final lock on the film cut, it’s entertaining, providing us with much back story for the film’s universe.

It has generated some great ideas for content to post on The Nostromo Files site, as well.

Titan Books have re-issued the book.


Oh, and the good folks over at AvP Galaxy report that Foster is also going to write the novelization for Alien: Covenant, a nice bit of closure as (hopefully) we return to a more ‘Alien’ Alien universe.

Personally, I hope his use of the ellipsis for dramatic effect is carried forward into the new book.




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