“It seems to have life…organic life.”


Deep below a mysterious derelict on an unnamed alien planet, a lone space-suited figure probes the darkness.


Surrounded by leathery objects (“…like eggs or something…”), Executive Officer Kane soon finds his visions of alien treasures shattered by his encounter with the slimy horror coiled inside an alien egg.


That it has organic life is a fact that he and his crewmates confirm with visceral certainty.

I have been following the model-building work posted by Boyd Compton at TrekWorks, a guy whose practical approach to model-building makes for fantastic results.

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, I found yet another Alien-related project he has finished.  This time, the subject is the Executive Officer of the Nostromo, Kane himself:  the Polar Lights 1:9 scale Alien Executive Officer Kane Figure (Resin) kit.

(photo property of Round2/Polar Lights)

The description of the kit says that it is “engineered to allow realistic lighting effects”, something of which Compton took full advantage.

This scene has been seen so many times that familiarity may have dulled its initial impact. The folks at Round2/Polar Lights made a great choice in picking this particular scene.  Coming in at around the 30:00 mark in the movie, it provides its first real gut-twisting shock.

And just a prelude to the horrors to come.


Compton gives viewers a nice overview of the kit as he works it up to completion.   Treat yourself to a look at his video, ” ‘ALIEN’ Executive Officer Kane 1:9th Scale Model Finished.

[Images are used for informative and educational purposes, and except for the YouTube screenshot, taken from the Shadows of Reflection website.  Images from the film are the property of 20th Century Fox, 1979.]



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