Name-dropping, with Johnny (Eaves). 


Recently I had the pleasure of reconnecting with John Eaves, an artist and model-builder whose work I have admired since 1994 when Star Trek: Generations was released and I got a gander at the designs he drew for the Starship Excelsior refit modifications. 

John’s work did not begin (or end) there.  Witness his extensive CV.

But, what is this post doing on a website devoted to the Nostromo of Alien fame?

I’m glad you asked.

Among John’s many creative credits, we also find that he was part of the Grant McCune Design Nostromo Restoration Team, tasked in the late ’00s with bringing the long-neglected 7 foot studio miniature, seen in the landing sequence, from its then-decrepit condition back to its former battered glory.

Now that’s no easy task…

When John recently joined The Nostromo Files Facebook page, he offered to share some of his photographs of the model…an offer I took him up on promptly!

Here is a gallery of a few photos he shared, and I am passing them on.  If you’ve never seen them before, you’re in for a treat.

Please join me in welcoming him aboard!

Sincerest thanks to John for his generosity to The Nostromo Files.



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