Walking distance?



Work continues behind the scenes at The Nostromo Files (proper) site, though at a glacial pace.

I struggle as I perfect my vision for this site and what it will offer:  above all, I want it to be a repository of all things Nostromo.  It will have information that is available from many other sources, but it should also have content that is not.

It will take time, and I appreciate the patience of those following these efforts.  To repay that, here are a couple of treats.

Below, please find two early drafts of maps that will eventually be posted on the site once it is ready for release.

Here is a map of the planetoid, showing the Nostromo‘s descent trajectory and landing site.


This second map is a closeup of the oval section of the map above, showing the location of the Nostromo and the S.O.T. (Note: the diameter of the planetoid is 1,200 km.)


Today, I finished drawing the 17″ x 28″ large map of the Planetoid, from which I can produce maps with greater control.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of the latest iteration of the planned home page…





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