Nostromo Crew Profiles.


These articles that Valaquen writes are always a great resource for my own research into the fascinating universe of Alien!


Strange Shapes

“What I usually do, even if it’s only for my peace of mind, is draft a short bio of each character and give it to the actors before I go to work with them. I quietly sat down just for myself and wrote out seven bios. And it’s funny, it’s amazing – suddenly you’re writing a two page bio from birth through death. It starts to take on solidarity, three dimensions … I found myself arguing (with the actors) about very abstract ideas a few times and had to point out, ‘I’ve written the bios for me, not you. It has no bearing on the plot, but I just figured this is where you came from. So let’s just forget it, alright?’ But the bios did help, because they immediately started the actors thinking about their characters.”
~ Ridley Scott.

Taken from the Alien Legacy DVD set, these are the…

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