This date aboard the Nostromo.



In a strange juxtaposition of fictional universes, my new “This Date Aboard the Nostromo” calendar came into being today.

Long a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Middle-earth books, I have long subscribed to‘s “Today in Middle-earth History Calendar“, enjoying the little reminders of the exploits and movements of my favorite characters.

Taking that format into the future, I created a Google Calendar — “TDAN” — that will post important events in the lives of the Nostromo crew, as established in the crew biographies shown in the Alien 20th Anniversary DVD hidden extras and the scrolling data that provided background for Ripley’s courageous battle with corporate apathy and greed in Aliens.

These events have been catalogued previously at Scott Middlebrook’The Alien Universe Timeline site.  If you have never visited, you owe it to yourself.  In one place you will find events pertaining to the Alien universe from pre-history to well into the 24th Century.

I used Scott’s site to make the calendar entries, but my Data Entry Operator types with one hand holding a Balaji, so any errors are on the DEO and not Scott.

In the meantime, here’s a cheat-sheet for finding the Upcoming Events widget.


Work continues on The Nostromo Files site (proper).   When I push out the new pages, there will be a menu item on the updated OVERMONITORING ADDRESS MATRIX that will take you to the TDAN calendar directly, along with information on how to subscribe.




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