“Complete, and faithful…”


Ever since I found it, I have been promoting the work of Álvaro G. Plata to any and all fans of Alien that I come across.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 16.12.57

His REMASTERED: a soundtrack for the film ALIEN is one of the most well-executed fan projects out there.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Visit the site and listen to the familiar compositions of Jerry Goldsmith.  And sprinkled among them, you will find gems to make any official Alien soundtrack complete:

  • ‘Freud’, a track from the film of the same name and also composed by Goldsmith.  It was used in Alien for the sequence with Dallas searching for the alien in the creepy dark airshafts of the Nostromo.
  • Serenade in G, K.525 “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”‘ – 2. Romance (Andante), composed by W.A. Mozart and heard during Dallas’ reverie in the shuttle while waiting for a change in Kane’s condition.
  • ‘Symphony No. 2 in D-flat major, Opus 30, W45, “Romantic,”‘ composed by Howard Hanson.  This peaceful meander soothes the viewer after Ripley’s frenetic attempt to rid herself of the alien menace once and forever.

Plata treats his subject with a fan’s respect, having created the project to fill his own desires:

 The idea was to collect and to assemble, in the most coherent way possible, all this material into a single work, removing any irrelevance in dissonance with the footage filmed by Scott.

Once you have heard it, I think you would agree that he hit the mark quite well.  Visit Plata’s website, alesserfate, to learn more about this talented artist.


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