Torrens triptych.



For this triptych, I chose images that might evoke extrapolation around the events that we witness aboard the M-class commercial transport starship USCSS Torrens (MSV-7760), in Alien: Isolation.

Alien on the Torrens triptych
Images from Alien: Isolation, (c) 1997-2014 Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

This game, like flint against steel, sparks so many story ideas.

Christian Matzke, an independent filmmaker,  has started an Alien: Isolation fiction contest.


My dream is to compile a short story collection to offer (“at cost”, print-on-demand) for fans to put on their bookshelf.

Crewmembers here at The Nostromo Files have submitted a couple of stories, having completed a couple of game play-throughs.

If you have played it and you like to write fiction, you can write your own story and submit it via email to Christian.

In the meantime, I think I will put a few words together for another submittal, and figure out that Torrens situation…

(…and I won’t spoil things by saying whether or not the images reflect what happens in the game, or if I juxtaposed them just for entertainment value…)



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