Another voice in the Network.


As the old saying goes, “one thing leads to another,” and in the universe of Alien, that still holds true.

There are many voices out there in the Network, and I’ll be discussing two in this post…both of which you will find on our Links in the Network page.

I was reading friend Valaquen’s intriguing blog post entitled, “Alien: the 1978 Scripts” recently.   In it, he discusses the changes that occurred in the screenplay for the film.

Like me, he has an interest in tracking down these document-snapshots of production history.  Valaquen is a fellow WordPress blogger and you will find him at Strange Shapes.


Valaquen’s posts generally garner interesting comments, and this one was no exception.

Through one such comment, I was introduced to a fellow named James Hudson and his interest in Alien screenplays.

Through his Gravatar link, I was introduced to his blog called Mainlyalienmovies.

Beneath it’s deceptively simple title (which resonates for me with Newt’s “mostly” line from Aliens), Hudson’s blog hosts an impressive set of original essays on…you guessed it…the Alien movies (mainly).


It is not an easy thing to find and analyze the myriad connections to our favorite films, but Hudson takes it on with an entertaining style.  It never ceases to amaze me where new information about these films may be found.

It looks like the blog hit the interwebs in February of this year.  I am looking forward to more from this new UK blogger bud.

So give a click to Mainlyalienmovies and see for yourself, and leave a comment to support another voice in the Network…



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