Take a minute, for Alien.


John Ingle and Mitch Brian enjoy the film, Alien.

It is obvious in each episode of their daily show, The ALIEN Minute podcast.

John Ingle is a cartoonist, screenwriter, and lifelong cinephile. He is the author of the graphic novel Dodd Skalle Investigations Vol. 1: The Simian Case as well as the comic strip Must be Nice. You can find his comics and film reviews at patreon.com/JohnIngle or visit offkiltercompositions.com.
Mitch Brian is a screenwriter, filmmaker and educator. He co-created and wrote episodes for Batman: the Animated Series as well as screenplays for 20th Century Fox, New Line, Touchstone, and Universal Studios. He has been a contributing DVD Guru to NPR affiliate KCUR for more than a decade and teaches film studies at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, where he is an associate professor. His films can be seen at https://vimeo.com/channels/jetpack

Both guys are cinephiles and as you can see have connections to the film industry, which brings unique perspectives to what might first appear to be too close a look at Ridley Scott’s 1979 sf/horror film.

Their (soft) theory that Scott’s advertising background informs his directing is spot-on and illustrated many times in the 60-second snippets that Ingle and Brian discuss.

They also point out cinematography and other technical aspects of filmmaking, movie trivia, and with their guest hosts, discuss a variety of viewpoints.

In addition, the “Found Documents” and “Merch” pages on their site are special treats.

To quote their podcast tag line, these guys “carefully dissect the movie Alien one minute at a time….”

They do so with a precision worthy of Ash, but more entertaining.

But I love the film… and talking about it, so don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself. As of today, they are 34 minutes into it, leaving about 83 more episodes…

Find them at The ALIEN Minute site, on iTunes as well as on Twitter and Facebook.



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