A fan’s soundtrack for ALIEN: Isolation.


I stumbled upon this very interesting soundtrack for Alien: Isolation over at the YouTube site of DarcsenHQ, apparently a fan enough to put forth the blood, sweat, and tears of pulling this thing together for fans of the SEGA/Creative Assembly video game.

This excerpt from the webpage gives some idea of the treasure hunt that took place to bring this compilation into being:


It started with the desire to own the soundtrack for my own private listening. After discovering that the soundtrack had no official release I looked to YouTube, but after hours of searching I could not find a complete collection of all of the tracks heard within the game. Convinced that there were none, at least not on YouTube, I set out to create one, not just for myself but for anyone on YouTube with the same desire as I. After listening to multiple playlists from various channels, I became convinced that two of them had collected all (or at least most) of the game’s tracks between them.


The entire soundtrack runs a little over 2 hours and can be downloaded for personal use.

Until The Powers That Be (TPTB) release an official version, this will certainly do the trick.


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