Alien, á la Horror Holiday.


Posts like these are healthy reads for film fanatics. They keep you from taking things too seriously. Well written piece. I hope you enjoy it, too. (If you have not seen Alien, there are some spoilers…)


Horror Holiday

00:00:00 ALIEN! Welcome to the Nostromo crew’s diary log! Alien was directed by Ridley Scott in 1979 and stars the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt (Viper in Top Gun), John Hurt and Ian Holm.

When Alien was first released, people hated it. It wasn’t until later that it gathered more of a cult following. Now it is considered a classic. So keep on gunning, Paranormal Activity! Maybe one of your goddamn sequels will get a directors cut one day!

00:00:23 SPACE! And lots of it! No Groot or Rocket Raccoon though. I wonder if they’d even be able to fight a Xenomorph?

00:01:09 Before we get too far, let’s go over some of the basics in this space-y world. A Xenomorph is an alien and it is the main villain. It is Sir Alien Supreme. The ‘Nostromo’ is the spaceship our main characters cruise on. And Tom…

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